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Since 1983, Specialty Tool Services a Division of Specialty Tool & Supply, Inc.(STS) has been on the forefront of bringing Hydraulic Expansion Technology from the nuclear industry into the commercial industrial markets as well as for the heat exchanger manufacturers. STS has a custom solution for your exchanger needs, we can provide a turn-key service, provide new equipment, rental equipment and custom sleeves/inserts, liners and ferrules; STS is here to serve you. We also distribute conventional heat exchanger tooling products for tube removal, assembly, etc. servicing the Gulf Coast with products from Power Plug, Krais and HydroSwage Products.


Here at STS, we manufacture sleeves, liners, tube inserts and ferrules and expansion equipment in house. Controlling the manufacturing process ensures a Quality product delivered on-time, every-time, even in emergency situations. Sleeves, liners and Ferrules can be manufactured in a variety of materials from 304 to zirconium to carbon steel. We also fabricate custom Refractory Ferrules per customer drawings.


We pride ourselves on serving a broad scope of clients covering Petrochemical, Power Generation, Pulp, Refining and other industrial industries. STS has the Experience, Proven track record and Global reach to provide you with a solution for your heat exchanger needs. “It’s not just what we Say but it’s what we Do that really makes a difference in your world”.

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