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Specialty Tool has a wide variety of tube plugs for you to choose from to meet your plugging needs. Plugs are available in numerous sizes and material specifications. Plugs can be purchased separately or can be combined with our Tube Plugging Service anywhere in the world.



Power plugs designed by Specialty Tool provide superior seal without causing tube damage or ovaling of the tubesheet hole. Utilizing a cam and wedge design power plugs can provide seal up to 4000 PSI and 1200 Degrees F. Power Plugs can be installed or removed using only standard end wrenches in less than one minute. Power Plugs require only 20-60 ft. lbs. of torque to install depending on material. Power plugs can be manufactured from virtually any material specified. Our Power Plugs are a quick, cost effective solution to your plugging needs



  • High Safety factor without blowout pressures exceeding 28,000 PSIG (dependent on the tube size)

  • Requires no welding, thus eliminating sparks or open flames

  • Design greatly reduces the chance of plugs turning into dangerous projectiles, especially during removal



  • No need to remove the Rear Head Cover when remote tube plugging can be performed

  • Ease and quickness of installation time per plug is only a few minutes resulting in a labor cost savings while greatly reducing downtime

  • Eliminates the possibility of damage to tube sheets and tube sheet ligaments from welding or overdriving a tapered pin

  • Guaranteed to provide a Leak Free Helium seal to 1 x 10-9 c/sec

  • When used to plug tubular reactors it significantly decreases reloading times due to the plugs design and ability to not hinder the catalyst loading systems

  • Ideally suited to plug Fin Fan Headers quickly & reliably

  • Each plug fits multiple tube sizes and is available in numerous materials



A tapered tube plug is selected so that the inside diameter of the

heat exchanger/boiler tube is approximately matches the mid-range of

the tube plug's taper. The tapered tube plug is inserted into the heat exchanger/boiler tube and driven in with a hammer to seal off the tube. One tube plug is required for each end of a leaking heat exchanger/boiler tube.

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