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Let me take this opportunity to thank all of our customers of the last twenty-three years. It is our privilege to serve you. To those of you that we have not served, let me assure you that only the best quality products and on-time delivery are offered by Spec Tool. It's not just what we 'Say' but it is what we 'Do' that really will make the difference in your world. Just give us the chance to prove it to you!


By offering products and services that challenge most of the traditional thinking, we have been able to succeed by implementing unconventional ideas and solutions to the Heat Exchanger users problems. For instance, since hydraulic tube expansion began in the USA in 1982, Spec Tool was right there on the inside track of the technology introducing it to the customers who could genuinely benefit from the technology. And, by using our experiences alongside of you, our customers, we have been able to save millions of dollars in downtime and hard costs associated with replacement bundles and repairs for our customers. New and more difficult alloy tube materials, which are difficult to expand and seal, have encouraged Spec Tool to strive for giving you the answers When and Where you need them.

Our commitment to you has never changed –

we want the best solution to your exchanger problem. Let us take a shot at your heat exchanger or boiler problem, like add a few years of life to it or add 3-5 years of life to your next new vessel. Let us show you how to save money on your assembly area by hiring us to do the difficult applications.


"Long-Term Reliability, That's our Specialty."


Bill Benson, President

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